Welcome to my home page

Welcome to my  homepage.  I’m an Assistant Professor of Economics (on leave), Department of Humanities & Social Sciences at Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, focusing on International Economics, Financial Economics, Development Economics and Econometrics. Now, I am a PhD student in the Department of Economics at Northern Illinois University, USA.  You’ll find my research works in my resume.  Please drop me a line  (at arforhad_786@yahoo.com) if you have any questions/comments on my work.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my home page

  1. Md. Sohel Rana says:

    Dear Sir,
    How are you? uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/hss_1103/ website doesn’t work.Please sir inform me by email how could I get your help about hss_1103 from your wordpress website.

  2. Israt jahan says:

    sir, amr 1st & 2nd ar marks gulo please, mail korbyn. last class a apni bolsilyn apnak ID mail korty,and ami mail o korsilam….
    Israt Jahan.
    ID – 2012-3-13-102

  3. Bappy Halder says:

    Nice blog 🙂
    Its a dependable and informative blog. Bcoz its page rank 3. But design is not like that :: http://bappyhalder.blogspot.com/

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